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Small businesses are often forgotten in the political rhetoric about tax cuts. I own two small businesses, one in Gretna and a second with 6 stores in the greater Omaha area including one in Gretna. Many people don’t know that we aren’t taxed at the corporate rate. The profits earned are pas…

    Another fantastic Gretna Days is now history.  I want to thank all the people that came out to take part in all the great events.  We had record turnouts at all our major events!  We had fantastic weather this year that made the weekend even more enjoyable.  Thank you to everyone that su…

On behalf of the Gretna Days Foundation I want to thank Gretna for making Gretna Days 2015 incredible. Despite some considerable heat a number of local groups put on great events, the public turned out in mass to enjoy them and a lot of people had a really great time. 

I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to everyone for all of their support during this very difficult time. Unfortunately, saying thank you cannot fully express my gratitude. There are no words big enough to express that.