While the recent weather conditions have hindered road construction on both the 204th Street and 216th Street paving improvements, work is back underway and progress is being made.

The city’s contractor, TAB Construction, has completed the first mainline pour on Phase 1 of the project on 204th Street. Phase 1 consists of 204th Street from Highway 370 to just north of Angus.

Pours will continue this week on Phase 1 and will be completed before crews can begin work on Phase 2. Ac-cording to city development services director Dan Gittinger, Phase 2 will consist of widen- ing Angus to three lanes and will include a turning lane. He said they hope to have Phase 2 completed before the first day of school in August to accommodate school traffic.

Phase 3 of the 204th Street will stretch from Angus south to the Covington subdivision. The city hopes to have this phase completed by Oct. 1.

On 216th Street, TAB Construction has completed Phase 1 of Segment 1 and removed the existing asphalt pavement

south of Burns Place to complete Phase 2 of Segment 1. They also continue to work on the storm sewer system along 216th Street.

Gittinger says the first phase is complete and Phase 2 is underway. He says they plan to open up part of the road to traffic once school is back in session, but that the project won’t be completed at that time.