Brady cleats

The cleats Brady wore in the Dec. 2 victory over the Minnesota Vikings will be displayed at The Nebraska Crossing Outlets.

Tom Brady may be headed to Super Bowl 53 on Sunday, but his cleats are headed to Gretna, Nebraska. Real Estate mogul and owner of Nebraska Crossing Outlets, Rod Yates, purchased the cleats at an online charity auction. Yates can relate to the New England Patriots quarterback in both his choice of charity and his successful career.

Yates is the Principal and Founder of OTB Destination, LLC. The company is defined by its ability to identify “outside the box” potential in the real estate industry. Besides Nebraska Crossing Outlets, Yates’ other ventures include Foothills Mall in Tucson, Arizona, seven neighborhood and regional shopping centers in Phoenix, Arizona, and The Legends in Kansas City, Kansas. “Our approach is community-minded and destination-oriented,” said Yates. “We’re committed to producing an outstanding shopping experience and destination by combining the emerging retail trends of mega-box retail, non-retail components, entertainment districts, and high-end outlets all in one master-planned development.”

In addition to his real estate passion, Yates has always been a football fan. Recruited by Tom Osborne, he played at Nebraska from 1980-1985. Yates has collected sports memorabilia throughout the years while contributing to charitable causes related to his favorite athletes and coaches. Locally, Yates has contributed to Tom and Nancy Osborne’s TeamMates program. Other collectibles purchased have helped victims of hurricanes, cancer research, and athletes looking for support. “Coach Osborne is one of my closest friends, and has been a huge advocate of mine, both in college and post-college in my business career,” Yates said.

Yates follows NFL Auctions, a website for NFL coaches and players to donate items to sell, with proceeds benefiting their favorite charity. “I noticed Tom was auctioning his cleats this year to raise money for breast cancer,” Yates explained. With a family history of breast cancer, Yates felt compelled to buy the cleats. “Tom’s mother beat breast cancer in 2017 and my mother, Beverly Yates, beat breast cancer in 1984. My two sisters, Lori and Linda, beat breast cancer in 2018. I felt a donation to breast cancer was timely for me and my family.” The more than $30,000 donation will not only help cancer patients but will give the Yateses a treasured item from their favorite player. “My sisters love Tom Brady and he’s my favorite NFL player of all time,” said Yates. “His work ethic and dedication to his career are second to none. I personally parallel my career with Tom’s in that building great projects for the community are like winning Super Bowls.” Yates continues to win for Gretna with Nebraska Crossing Outlets. In September 2019, a 38,000 square foot TJ Max/Combo store will open - the fourth expansion of the outlet mall. Yates plans to implement a loyalty program (FastCash) this year, as well as adding a dog park in the center, 16 new digital TV’s, a 20x20 foot new digital gaming and experiential wall, and a smaller scale 10x10 foot wall. The restrooms will be renovated to have a modern farmhouse feel and will have new hand dryers and fixtures. Yates will also be announcing six other new tenants this year. “We are one of the most proactive landlords in the country and customer experience is paramount to our success,” commented Yates.

Brady’s cleats will arrive sometime in February, but until then Yates will be cheering for him and the Patriots in the big game on Sunday. When the cleats arrive, they will be proudly displayed at the Nebraska Crossing Outlets management office.