Several deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from Rosewater Parkway in the Heritage neighborhood in Bennington Tuesday afternoon, July 3, after a resident got into an argument with an individual laying sod at another home.

Captain Wayne Hudson said there was a perceived threat that the resident might harm the workers. He had gone back into his house, but the caller reported that he had been seen with a shotgun.

Deputies responded, armed and wearing bulletproof vests. Captain Hudson said they talked with the calling party, who changed what he saw two or three times and wasn’t sure if the man was inside the door with a shotgun.

When deputies talked with the resident’s wife, she said the guns were locked up. Her husband came out of the house and was handcuffed by the deputies, but eventually was allowed to go back in the house.

“The stories were too dissimilar to ascertain exactly what happened,” Hudson said. “The deputies never saw a shotgun in his hand. To make an arrest, it has to be done in our presence.”

He noted that even if the man had been standing inside the door with a legally purchased gun, as long as he was not pointing it and not threatening someone, it was not legally a threat.

Captain Hudson said the report would be forwarded to the prosecutor, who could file charges if they determine that a terroristic threat was made.